The 19th Lecture on New Knowledge of Refractory Materials - The Green, Low Carbon, and High Quality Development Summit Forum of Refractory Materials and the 8th Aluminum Silicon Refractory Raw Materials Expo Successfully Held

Sponsored by six provincial refractory industry associations in Henan, Liaoning, Shandong, Shanxi, Zhejiang and Guizhou, supported by the China Iron and Steel Association, the All Union Metallurgical Chamber of Commerce, and the China Refractory Industry Association, and co sponsored by the Metallurgical Industry Branch of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Henan New Refractory Innovation Center (cultivation), Shanxi Yangquan Suburb Information Bureau, and Mianchi County Industry and Information Bureau, Henan Province, The "Green, Low Carbon, and High Quality Development Summit Forum for Refractory Materials", the "8th Aluminum Silicon Refractory Raw Material Expo", and the "19th New Knowledge Lecture on Refractory Materials" organized by the International Exchange and Cooperation Center for Metallurgical Industry were held in Shanghai from June 14 to 16.
The conference theme is to implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, promote technological innovation and low-carbon green development in the refractory industry, strengthen interaction between upstream and downstream enterprises, carry out relevant exchanges and discussions around industry hotspots, difficulties, and common issues, and promote high-quality development of the industry.
Jia Yinsong, inspector of the Raw Materials Department of the former Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Su Changyong, deputy secretary of the China Steel Association, Li Yongquan, president of the China Refractory Industry Association, Yangquan Municipal Government, Mianchi County Government and relevant department leaders of Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology were invited to the meeting. Jin Qinguo, President of Henan Refractory Materials Association, Zhang Guodong, President of Liaoning Non metallic Mining Industry Association, Zhang Jiming, President of Shandong Refractory Materials Industry Association, Feng Jianming, President of Shanxi Refractory Materials Industry Association, Yao Lingchun, President of Zhejiang Refractory Materials Industry Association, and Cheng Niansheng, President of Guizhou Refractory Materials Industry Association, jointly presided over the meeting.
Li Yongquan warmly congratulated the forum on behalf of the China Refractory Industry Association during his speech. He analyzed the current national economic situation and the industry situation of refractory materials, and made prospects for the future development of the industry. In a complex and severe macro context, the refractory material industry is facing a complex situation of weakened market demand, high raw fuel costs, a significant decrease in regional contracting prices, an increase in accounts receivable, and a significant decline in corporate profits. In the current situation where market demand is no longer increasing, capacity governance and joint restructuring in the refractory material industry will be key measures for stabilizing the industry and crossing the cycle in the next step. The refractory material industry should closely monitor the new changes in the development mode and pattern of the steel industry, actively adapt to the new needs of green and low-carbon development in the steel industry, promote and complement each other with high-temperature industries such as steel, form a common harmonious value chain, work together to guide and strengthen the self-discipline development of the industry, and actively advocate the new development concept of "industry interests above enterprise interests", Encourage the adjustment of market structure through technological innovation and progress, encourage and guide asset restructuring in the industry, and further enhance industrial concentration.
When presiding over the meeting, Jin Qinguo mentioned that the refractory material industry is currently in a difficult period, but is facing a good development environment. This year, Henan Province has removed the "two high" hat from the refractory material industry. The main production areas include Xinmi, Gongyi, and Shangjie in Zhengzhou, Yichuan in Luoyang, Mianchi, Shaanzhou and other counties and cities in Sanmenxia, and the suburbs of Yangquan and Xiaoyi in Shanxi, Relevant departments of local governments such as Qingzhen in Guizhou attach great importance to the development of the industry, study the industrial development, issue relevant policies, and formulate a three-year action plan for 2023-2025 or a long-term development plan for 2023-2030, which provides a good environment for the development of the industry. However, it should be noted that currently, there are still problems in industries and enterprises, such as low concentration and thin profits, insufficient investment in transformation and research and development funds, outdated concepts of market collaboration and division of labor and cooperation among enterprises based on capital, market, technology, and unique advantages in segmented fields, insufficient technological innovation capabilities, and the lack of a system for efficient research and development of key common technologies in industry, university, and research. These need to be studied, Especially in the policy environment where governments in major refractory production areas attach great importance to the development of the industry, industry enterprises should think rationally, not blindly expand the production capacity of homogeneous products, and carefully study how to achieve differentiated and distinctive development in different regions and enterprises, how to comprehensively improve the level of automatic intelligent digital equipment, how to continue technological innovation, research and develop new technologies, new solutions, and new materials, and assist the national high-temperature industry in energy conservation and emission reduction. Through 3-5 years of efforts, we aim to comprehensively improve the industry and achieve green, low-carbon, and high-quality development.
Jia Yinsong and Li Yong, professor of University of Science and Technology Beijing, Li Yawei, professor of Wuhan University of Science and Technology, Gan Feifang, chief expert of Baosteel Academia Sinica, Zhou Ningsheng, professor of Henan University of Science and Technology, Ma Chengliang, professor of Zhengzhou University, and Shi Kai, professor of Henan University of Technology were invited to give a speech on "Analysis of the current situation and future development trend of China Steel industry", "Recent development of refractory materials for China Steel metallurgy from the perspective of refractory raw materials" The conference reports were presented on the topics of "Research on Key Technologies of Refractory Materials in Low Carbon Green Development", "Reflections on the New Technical Requirements for Green Refractory Materials in Low Carbon Steel Metallurgy", "Strategic Thinking on the Development of New Refractory Materials Technology after the Removal of" Two High "," Research on the Characteristics and Application Prospects of High Purity Magnesium Oxide Raw Materials in Tibet ", and" Group Standard for Energy Consumption Quota per Unit Product of High Temperature Materials "to Promote Green and Low Carbon Development in the Refractory Industry", which were deeply welcomed by everyone.
Song Fangchao, Chief Engineer of Zhengzhou Huiye Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Feng Jianming, Chairman of Shanxi Chaopai Calcined Kaolin Co., Ltd., Niu Yuxiao, Chairman of Zhengzhou Newlupu Technology Co., Ltd., and Hu Guojing, Chief Engineer of Henan Hecheng New Materials Co., Ltd. respectively presented "Intelligent Overall Solution for Refractory Materials" and "Prospects for the Development and Utilization of Coal Based Kaolin (Rock) Based Refractory Materials Raw Materials" The topics of "Application of intelligent mixing and batching system in refractory production" and "High temperature oxidation resistant nano functional ceramic coating technology for steel billets" were introduced for exchange of new technology information, and the information on technology development and application of intelligent refractory, Product development, application of mixing and batching system, and oxidation resistant coating technology was shared, which attracted wide attention.
Xian Yu, Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Director of the Management Committee of Mianchi County Advanced Manufacturing Development Zone in Sanmenxia, made a report on "Promotion of High Temperature Material Industry Development in Mianchi County"; The suburbs of Yangquan organized a special promotion activity for the "Suburban Refractory Materials Professional Town" and held high-quality development discussions.
Professor Jia Quanli and Joseph Liu Xinhong of Zhengzhou University, Doctor Chen Liugang, Zhao Fei and Gao Jinxing, Doctor Sang Shaobo of Wuhan University of Science and Technology, Professor Yang Zhongzheng of North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power and other experts and doctors attended the meeting and participated in relevant activities.
According to the Joint Document of the Six Provinces Association (2023) No. 03 "Method for the Selection of Gold Awards and Equipment Recommendation Awards for the 8th Aluminum Silicon Refractory Raw Materials Expo", after nomination by the conference secretariat and approval by the Six Provinces Refractory Materials Association, a total of 43 Gold Awards and 16 Equipment Recommendation Awards for the 8th Aluminum Silicon Refractory Raw Materials Expo have been selected. The specific list is attached below. High quality gemstone - Shannai Group; Dense corundum - Henan Sannai; Special grade high alumina bauxite clinker - Guizhou Botong; Electric melting spinel -- Gaoda, Kaifeng City; High efficiency mold release agent Leegent series products - Wuhan Shanda; Alumina homogeneous material - Shanxi Xiaoyi magnesium aluminum; Coal based calcined kaolin - Shanxi Chaopai; Dianka brand pure Calcium aluminates binder -- Henan Hecheng; High quality white corundum - Zhengzhou jade hair; Mullite uniform material - Yangquan Jinyu Tongda; Mullite homogeneous material - Henan Ampere; High alumina bauxite clinker -- Jiulong, Xinmi City; High temperature tunnel kiln - Hebei Northern Kiln Industry; Gas Environmental Protection, Energy Conservation, and Circulation Drying Kiln - Jiangsu Huarongda; Fully automatic fabric distribution machine - Liaoning Jiahua; Yuanhe brand fully automatic hydraulic press - Zibo Yuanhe; Mixing granulation equipment - Qingdao Senteco; X-ray fluorescence spectrometer - Jiangsu Tianrui; Intelligent production and transportation system for refractory materials - Zhengzhou Huiye; The intelligent mixing and batching system for refractory materials - Zhengzhou Newlupu Equipment (Technology) Company, representing 20 award-winning units, received awards on stage (in no particular order). Kind Explanation: In July 2012, at the 9th New Knowledge Lecture on Refractory Materials - Xinmi Conference, Zibo Sound, Zhengzhou Hualong, and Zhengzhou Jinxin companies were introduced for the first time to produce electromagnetic screw presses. The equipment is now widely used in the industry due to its energy-saving, labor-saving, and precise size characteristics. Promoting the application of new equipment (technology) and stable quality raw material enterprises is also the responsibility of this conference platform. However, given that the mastery of the situation is not yet comprehensive, this work needs to be further strengthened in the future.
This conference collection includes 7 specially invited expert reports; More than 120 research achievements that have been mature and can be transformed have been applied by relevant research institutions; More than 200 new products and technologies for some key refractory enterprises in Henan, Shanxi, and Zhejiang provinces; The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China has announced a list of 69 refractory enterprises that meet the requirements of the refractory industry standards; There are over 500 green factories, specialized, refined, and new high-tech enterprises recognized by relevant government departments in the main production areas of refractory materials in the six provinces; Received 59 gold awards and equipment recommendation awards from the Six Provinces Refractory Materials Association for the Aluminum Silicon Refractory Raw Materials Expo; There are 38 enterprises related to new technologies and related information. And included the group standard of "Energy Consumption Limit per Unit Product of High Temperature Materials" for exchange and reference.
The 21st China International Metallurgical Industry Exhibition and the 17th China International Refractory Materials and Industrial Ceramics Exhibition were also held at the same time, with the participation of steel, metallurgy, refractory materials and other industry chain related enterprises such as Baowu, Ansteel, and Baosteel. Enterprises in the upstream and downstream industrial chains of refractory materials, steel and related raw materials, equipment, etc. have had in-depth exchanges and negotiated cooperation at the conference, promoting coordination and improvement, and achieving win-win development. 300 people attended the meeting, and the forum achieved a complete success.