Promotion of High Temperature Material Industry Development in Mianchi County

On June 14th, the "Green, Low Carbon, and High Quality Development Summit Forum for Refractory Materials" and the "8th Aluminum Silicon Refractory Raw Materials Expo" organized by the Refractory Industry Associations of Henan, Liaoning, Shandong, Shanxi, Zhejiang, and Guizhou provinces were held in Shanghai. More than 10 enterprises in Mianchi County County attended the meeting led by leaders such as Xian Yu, Deputy Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of the People's Government of Mianchi County in Sanmenxia, Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Director of the Management Committee of the Advanced Manufacturing Development Zone, Zhao Shijie, Director General of the County Industry and Information Bureau, Liu Hui, Deputy Director General, and Ma Qiang, Deputy Director of the County Development and Reform Commission.
Director Xianyu gave a report on the conference entitled "Promotion of High Temperature Material Industry Development in Mianchi County". In order to attract industry attention to the development of high-temperature materials in Mianchi, the full text of the report is hereby forwarded as follows:
It's midsummer, with flowers blooming like flowers. On the occasion of the Summit Forum of Green, Low Carbon and High Quality Development of Refractory Materials in Six Provinces, we gathered in Shanghai to discuss the development plan of the industry. On behalf of Mianchi, the discovery site of Yangshao culture and the birthplace of Chinese archaeology, I would like to extend warm congratulations on the holding of the conference! Sincere wishes to all guests and friends! And take this opportunity to solemnly introduce Mianchi, a fertile land for the vigorous development of the high-temperature material industry!
Mianchi is located in the hinterland of the Jin Shan Yu Golden Triangle, and is a high-quality bauxite supply base in Henan Province. It has a proven bauxite resource of 240 million tons, with aluminum content mostly ranging from 60 to 80%, aluminum silicon ratio mostly ranging from 5 to 15, and a maximum of 40. Its grade and reserve advantages are obvious. Mianchi bauxite resources have the characteristics of high aluminum, high silicon, and low iron, characterized by enrichment of light rare earth elements, and are high-quality high aluminum refractory raw materials.
High temperature materials are a characteristic and advantageous industry of Mianchi, thriving in the 1980s. On the basis of Jiajiawa high-quality Bauxite, the original Ministry of Metallurgical Industry listed special funds to support the local government to build Mianchi calcination plant and start sintering high alumina bauxite clinker and alumina magnesia spinel, thus starting high temperature materials in Mianchi. After nearly 40 years of development, Mianchi has formed an industrial chain of "bauxite and silica mining - initial processing of raw materials - deep processing of high-temperature raw materials". Currently, there are more than 30 high-temperature material enterprises, with a total annual production capacity of 700000 tons of high-temperature raw materials, except for alumina. The main products include bauxite homogeneous materials, low sodium alumina, fused corundum, spinel, alumina hollow spheres, silica, mullite, spinel, and other series of varieties. Key enterprises include: ① Sanmenxia Yixiang Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd., which mainly produces low sodium and micro sodium series aluminum oxide powder, with an existing production capacity of 600000 tons; ② As a result, Mianchi County Jintai Corundum Co., Ltd., which mainly produces dense corundum and fused corundum series products, has an existing capacity of 25000 tons, and the self-developed nano high strength thermal insulation board products of the enterprise have also been successfully launched; ③ Henan Great Wall Special High tech Materials Co., Ltd., represented by fused corundum, mullite, zirconium mullite, and aluminum magnesium spinel, currently has a production capacity of 65000 tons Using mullite, homogenized bauxite, and cordierite (j ǐ n) Mianchi County Shanghe New Materials Co., Ltd., represented by bluestone, magnesium aluminum spinel, and sintered corundum, has an existing production capacity of 50000 tons. The annual production capacity of 49000 tons of aluminum silicon based microporous homogeneous materials project, which is constructed with an investment of 160 million yuan, will be put into operation in the second half of the year Mianchi County Huayuan Industrial Co., Ltd., whose main products are alpha alumina and electronic heat conduction powder, has an existing capacity of 70000 tons; ⑥ Henan Hongrun Technology Aluminum Co., Ltd., which mainly produces high-temperature alumina powder, alumina super wear-resistant balls, and various special ceramic products; ⑦ Hengnai Group Mianchi Refractory Technology Co., Ltd., which mainly produces high alumina bricks, silicon molybdenum bricks, castables, and refractory prefabricated parts for large-scale cement kiln recycling, has an annual production capacity of 100000 tons. At present, Mianchi has formed a high-temperature material enterprise cluster with a large industrial scale, strong innovation ability, and competitive advantage, presenting the industrial characteristics of "a solid foundation for the high-end raw material industry, complete categories, stable supply of sintering and electric melting raw materials, and high reputation". Some enterprises' technology and products have reached the leading level in China.
In order to seize the strategic opportunity of high-quality development during the 14th Five Year Plan period, promote technological innovation and low-carbon green development in the refractory industry, under the guidance of the Henan Refractory Materials Association, we actively and vigorously promote the optimization of industry structure, upgrading and development. With a planned area of 23.68 square kilometers of advanced manufacturing development zone as the platform, we strive to create a high-temperature new material industrial park with regional characteristics, For high-quality projects coming to the park for development, we have formulated and issued 16 sincere incentive policies, including preferential land price incentives, fixed assets investment incentives, full financial contribution incentives at the county level, subsidies for rental plants, resettlement and employment subsidies, subsidies for newly purchased equipment, relocation and transfer subsidies, subsidies for senior executives, and support for listing, foreign exchange earning, and brand creation. We sincerely welcome all industry colleagues to invest and start business in Mianchi, a fertile land, Develop and grow, work together for mutual benefit.
Entering Mianchi, one can feel the depth and vicissitudes of history; Staying in Mianchi can experience the comfort and peace of life; Investing in Mianchi can yield rich returns and gifts. I sincerely invite all entrepreneurs and friends from all walks of life here to know more about Mianchi, know Mianchi, invest in Mianchi, enjoy the city temperature of Mianchi, fully feel the development heat of Mianchi, share development opportunities with Mianchi and create a better future! Thank you!