On site experience exchange meeting on shaft kiln calcination of bauxite was held in Yangquan, Shanxi Province

Recently, the on-site experience exchange meeting on shaft kiln calcination of bauxite jointly sponsored by Henan Refractory Industry Association and Shanxi Refractory Industry Association was held in Yangquan City, Shanxi Province. As the undertaker, the Bureau of Industry and Information Technology in the suburb of Yangquan City, Shanxi Province, has actively cooperated with the organization.
Professor Shi Kai of Henan University of Technology, Professor Jia Quanli of Zhengzhou University, Professor Gao Feng of Taiyuan University of Technology and relevant experts from China Refractory Industry Association and the Institute of Environmental Materials Science and Environmental Protection of China National Academy of Building Materials Science were invited to the event for guidance. More than 30 entrepreneurs from more than 20 vertical kiln production enterprises in Henan, Hebei, and Shanxi provinces participated.
During this period, relevant experts, professors, and entrepreneurs visited the production sites of vertical kilns of suburban enterprises such as Jialinsen Refractory Materials Co., Ltd., Rongshibao Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., and Hongyongtai Refractory Materials Factory for inspection. At the suburban Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, attendees discussed and exchanged ideas on how to improve the equipment level of vertical kilns, achieve energy conservation and environmental protection, and how to meet environmental standards for the nitrogen oxide emissions of high alumina bauxite calcined in vertical kilns. The attending entrepreneurs introduced the actual production situation and proposed standard suggestions.