Ao Magnesium Joins Hands with New Emei to Continue Expanding the Field of Functional Refractory Materials

On May 11, the ceremony of the merger of RHI and New Emei was held in Laiwu District, Jinan City. Ma Shiji, president of RHI Asia, Yu Bingji, deputy secretary of Laiwu District Party Committee, deputy secretary of Laiwu High tech Zone Party Working Committee and director of the management committee attended the event and delivered a speech. It is understood that Ao Magnesium Group has completed the acquisition of 65% equity of Jinan New Emei Industrial Co., Ltd. ("Jinan New Emei"). Jinan New Emei is a leading manufacturer of refractory materials and a leading supplier of sliding nozzles and control systems in the field of steel flow control.
Ma Shiji stated in his speech that diversity and cooperation are key to success, and the addition of New Emei brings more opportunities to Ao Magnesium, elevating the company to a new height. He believes that this merger will lead both sides towards a promising future. Ao Magnesium New Emei will also be committed to becoming a loyal partner for the development of Laiwu and continuously creating more value for Laiwu.
During the event, the responsible comrades of the relevant enterprises made communication speeches and played a video of the headquarters of Ao Magnesium Group. The attendees jointly unveiled the merger of Ao Magnesium and New Emei. The attending leaders conducted a tree planting activity and visited the factory workshop.