Anshan fully launches the construction of a world-class magnesite industry base

Let enterprises invest with peace of mind, production with peace of mind, and employees with peace of mind. Anshan's high-quality and efficient business environment has strengthened our confidence in taking root here and making the enterprise bigger, stronger, and better. "Zhao Wei, Executive Vice Chairman and President of Beijing Li'er High Temperature Materials Co., Ltd., said that the company will further increase its efforts in scientific and technological innovation, relying on relevant universities, research institutes, and engineering technology centers as technical support, Jointly carry out research and development on key technologies in the magnesite new material industry, promote the rapid transformation of more scientific and technological achievements, and contribute to the construction of a world-class magnesite industry base in Anshan.
Recently, at the China Anshan High Quality Development Conference of Magnesite Industry co sponsored by the Anshan Municipal Government and the China Magnesite Industry Association, Anshan City announced that it would comprehensively start the construction of world-class magnesite industry base, and carry out a series of activities such as price index release, technical discussion, achievement promotion, precise matching, and unveiling, actively guide the sound development of enterprises, stabilize the magnesite price market, and promote the implementation of projects, Promote the transformation of the entire industry's development from resource driven to innovation driven, from high energy consumption development to green and low-carbon development, and from traditional manufacturing to high-end intelligent manufacturing, leading the national magnesium industry to achieve high-quality development.
As the most important production base of magnesite resources in the world, in recent years, Anshan City has adhered to high-level promotion, planning guidance and policy guarantee in the high-quality development of magnesite industry, constantly increased the integration of mineral resources, implemented energy-saving and consumption reduction transformation, promoted comprehensive pollution control, accelerated industrial upgrading, and continued to promote the development of magnesite industry in the direction of high-end, intelligent and green.
Grasping the opportunity of implementing the three-year action of comprehensively revitalizing the new breakthrough, Anshan City gives full play to its unique magnesite resource endowment and industrial advantages, focusing on the development of seven major industries, namely, ore mining, magnesite refractory materials, magnesite building materials, magnesite chemical materials, magnesite new materials, talc industry, and magnesite equipment, and strives to achieve a total output value of 50 billion yuan of magnesite industry by 2025, and promote Anshan to build advanced technical equipment, outstanding quality brands The image of the world's magnesium capital with high intelligence level, green, low-carbon, sustainable, and strong global competitiveness. In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the strategic development plan of the world-class magnesite industrial base, Anshan City will focus on high-quality development, focus on intensification, high-end, intelligence, greening and service, fully promote the implementation of the plan, and help the "magnesium" dream come true as soon as possible.
At the meeting, Anshan City took the holding of the magnesite industry chain innovation chain docking conference as the carrier to actively strive for the settlement of magnesite industry chain enterprises in Anshan and constantly improve the level of innovation chain. According to statistics, the city has promoted the implementation of 23 signed projects, including 16 investment cooperation projects with a total investment of 14.319 billion yuan; 3 product supply and marketing cooperation projects with a total amount of 170 million yuan; 4 technical cooperation projects.